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There is nothing definite about what I post. I'll post anything from fanfiction to poetry to stamps to essays. I'm a very varied poster.

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My inbox doesn't usually look like a hellhole, but sometimes I get tired of saying thank you to every positive comment I get.

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Hey everyone! How's life?

*crickets chirp* guys SUCK. :(

Nah, I love you all. :P I've been away for ages, mostly just lurking. I've become a ninja fave and runner! :O 

So, what's been going on?!

Since you're here, I'll start with me.

Since my last journal entry, Black and I have FINALLY MOVED OUT TO OUR OWN APARTMENT, OH MY GOD. You can NOT imagine how happy we were to get away from my dad. The son of a bitch actually tried to extort money from me and Black and tried to make me take ownership of a crappy car. I bought a new(er) car to replace my old 99 Cavalier and I'm in LOVE with my new car! *___* 

My job's been hectic, of course. I'm still doing housekeeping at the retirement home. But I got a raise and we're doing pretty nicely. I'm still working on becoming an IT Tech. I've not given up that dream at all. I've finished one course and am taking on the next one once I'm done paying off my tuition for my first course. (Will be within a few months.)

We got a PS3. WHAT THE FUCK. Black wanted to get Final Fantasy X X-2 HD and we also got BlazBlue Chronophantasma. And I bought Final Fantasy XIII and I adore it! I got XIII-2 on the 360 (it was used, so we were saving a few dollars) and I plan on getting Lightning Returns when I finish them both (and when the price goes down). I'll probably get it on the 360, since I prefer the 360 sometimes (playing my music while playing the games is awesome...the PS3 can't do that). 

Oh yeah and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Black just reminded me.


And lastly, I'm wanting to get back into writing again. Sadly, I have to announce that Quest for Possibilities will never be continued. Not because I don't want to continue it, but because my old harddrive that had all the notes AND the rom I was playing it on was corrupted. I've lost everything to do it and there's no way I can get all that back. Trying to duplicate a nuzlocke won't be easy, especially without the notes to put it together. 

If you wondered how it would end, I actually had an epic idea. (At least to me.) White was going to continue her journey through Kanto and eventually beat the Elite Four and make Team Disco Ball disappear. During her journey, she would learn about a strange cult of people who believed they could harmonize (nothing to do with N or Team Plasma) with the legendary pokemon hidden in the Ancient Labyrinth, Chronum Tower and Yggdrasial (sp?) Forest (these are new areas that were added to Pokemon Fire Red Omega to include all the legendary pokemon from generation 3). Black's disappearance was connected somehow to them, so White resolved to catch all the legendary pokemon and make them her own so the cult couldn't use their powers for their own good. During her new quest, she eventually finds Black (either the cult's prisoner or working with them, I couldn't decide). White uses the last of her power to send the cult out of Kanto, reunite with Black and return home. The end.

I doubt I'll have the strength to attempt a full length fanfiction, so I'm going to do another 100 themes challenge. It's going to be 'anything goes' now. I'm going to do ANY pairing I feel like. I'm not going to restrict myself to one (or four) fandom(s) like I did last time. I will do ANY fandom that I'm into and ANY pairing I like. This now includes Final Fantasy, especially 4, 6, 10 and 13, since those are the ones I played/watch Black played. I have a huge love for CecilxRosa, EdgexRydia and BarbaricciaxRubicante from 4, TinaxEdgar and LockexCeles from 6, TidusxYuna and WakkaxLulu from 10 and HopexLightning, SerahxSnow and FangxVanille (most canon yuri pairing EVER I swear) from 13. Also bonus notes for JechtxCloud of Darkness, Warrior of LightxCosmos and Chaosxmy OC from Dissidia. I plan on playing FF 5, 7, 8 and 9 soon.

Requests WILL be open for my challenge! HOWEVER, you can only pick from a fandom that I know about. But you can request ANY pairing from the fandom. Het, yaoi or yuri. My only condition is NO incest or pedophilia.

The fandoms I am most familiar with are as follows: Mario, Zelda (but NOT Skyward Sword or Spirit Tracks), Sonic, Megaman Classic and X, Final Fantasy 4, 6, 10, 13, Star Fox, Pokemon (but not X/Y or the anime...however, any of the main games and the manga are okay), Fire Emblem 6, 7 and 8 (sorry, haven't played Awakening yet), Castlevania (mostly the early games, none of the DS ones or the Lords of Shadows timeline), World Ends With You, Kingdom Hearts, MadWorld (give me an excuse to write JackxRinrin and Black BaronxMathilda, lulz), Left 4 Dead, Vocaloid, Catherine, Lollipop Chainsaw.

There's a wide variety here, folks! Send in your requests! Thing is you won't know what kind of story you're getting! It could be funny or it could be angsty. You'll just have to trust me to deliver.

So...wanna take a chance?

I've already finished one theme as well. :D I hope you guys missed me, because WHITE IS BACK, BABY!!
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